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Family New Year’s Eve Activity

Welcoming a new year usually involves taking a moment to reflect on the foundation of our own being and the state of our family. It’s where we hope to learn past mistakes and focus on promises we plan to keep. Through all of the celebrating and joy of the beginning of a prosperous year, it’s also a great opportunity to evaluate the intentionality behind family ties and encouraging personal growth.

While this is traditionally a personal matter, we would like to challenge you to make this a family affair.

Creating open communication about each family member’s expectations for 2015 fosters a deeper sense of accountability in intentionally growing closer. Parents and spouses will also have the freedom to address previous issues that they don’t want to see carried into the New Year.

The following New Years Resolution Family Activity will show how Egglo Eggs can help your family start the year off focusing on what really matters.

Egglo Eggs New Year Resolution Christian Family Activity

First meet as a family and ask each member to take a moment to themselves and think about the New Year beginning. Encourage them to spend a few minutes in prayer and ask God to reveal what he wants them to learn from the past year, and where he is guiding them in the upcoming year.


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Once everyone comes back together, have them write at least one thing they’ve learned from the past year, and what they want to work towards this new year. Have them place these thoughts in an Egglo Egg, and let each person have a turn hiding their eggs inside the house.


When everyone is done hiding, the hunt will begin in the dark. You can give a prize to the person who finds the most Egglo Eggs, or simply let them have the honor of reading all of the eggs. Discuss what each intention or lesson means to that person, and encourage them to seek support from the family and from God as well. When everyone has had their turn, close by praying as a family. Thank God for the opportunity to start this new year with his love, support, and the gift of having one another as encouragement to continue to grow and learn.

One useful tip in seeing those intentions implemented daily could be keeping your most valuable thought with you. Leave it in a purse, drawer, desk, gym bag, or any other dark area that is visible on a daily basis so its light shines as a glow in the dark reminder of accountability.


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