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Egglo All Year-Round

There are SO MANY ways to use the Egglo Eggs all
year ’round to make any day an Egg-cellent day!


  1. A glowing egg on a child’s nightstand as a comforting night time reminder that the light of Jesus is always there for them.
  2. Tuck an egg in a school lunch to remind your child during the day that Jesus is always with them.
  3. Use in a stocking at Christmas to hold gifts or candy.
  4. Hide them in a travel bag when they go off to camp or overnight to a friends house to remind them that they are never alone when they have the light of Jesus.
  5. Leave a Glowing Egg with a special message to spread to light of Jesus for a friend:  on their doorstep, in a mailbox, their locker, tucking into their bag or back back, or even mail one to them!


Scavenger hunt
A scavenger hunt is a fun activity. Use Egglo eggs to lead kids on a treasure hunt!  It can be based on the book or even add your own ideas!   Hide riddles, clues and/or Bible verses in each egg that lead to the next egg and so on until they’ve completed the mission. At the end, the prize or treasure can be a basket of the glow in the dark eggs that kids choose from. You can also set it up as a team event. (Note: the scavenger hunt activity will be included in the Egglo event curriculum for Easter 2014.) This works great with Sunday school, youth and small groups.

Sleepovers, Birthday Parties, and More
Use these glowing treats at church or at home for interactive glow-in-the-dark games, or use them at a birthday party as entertainment with a bent for Jesus.  Any way that you may come up with is the right way to use them!  Because they open up for you to stuff them with goodies the options are limitless on how to delight  your children!

Use as Prizes
You can use Egglo Eggs and Egglo Stuffers as prizes for group activities and games. Or you can hand out Egglo eggs or Scripture Scrolls for correct answers to discussion questions with Sunday school, youth or small groups. Kids love unrolling the Scripture scrolls to discover the secret message.

Single Egg Hunt 
There are several ways to do this game. You can use glow in the dark Egglo Easter Eggs alone, or add regular eggs.

Option 1, for a large group, each child will get one egg. You need approximately the same number of eggs as children. Number all the eggs from 1 to however many eggs you have. Put the number on the egg with a sticker. Give each child a number from 1 to however many eggs you have. Scatter the eggs as widely as possible, and/or hide them. The children will search for only the egg that corresponds with their number. For example, Jenny has #10. She will go around looking at all the eggs until she finds the egg that has #10 on it. She then gets to keep that egg.

Option 2, for smaller groups, the kids can get more than one egg, so you would need double, triple, etc. the number of eggs as children. Number the eggs, but put each number on more than one egg. For example, if you have 20 kids and 100 eggs, each child would find 5 eggs. So you would number five eggs with the #1, and five eggs with the #2, and so on. Give each child a number. The kids must search for only the eggs with their number.

Flashlights and/ or some ambient light would be recommended for this game. You can do this in the dark or the light, and in a large area or small area. Scale to the size of the group of kids. Since kids are only getting one or a couple eggs, make them special, and include a Bible verse. There are free downloadable verses at under the “Extras” tab. You could also put tickets in the eggs, which allow the kids to pick a prize. You can have different levels of prizes from smaller items up to a grand prize.

Egg Toss
Familiar with the egg toss? Make it a bit more challenging with by using glow in the dark Egglo Eggs and try to play it in the dark!  Put something creative or surprising, like food colored crushed ice, inside the egg for when it’s dropped.  Add a twist by hiding a special prize ticket in one of the eggs.

Hot Potato
Always a fun time, but more exciting and tricky when played in the dark. Use an Egglo glow in the dark egg as the potato.

Glow-in-the-dark Ring Toss
A simple yet fun game. Use light stick necklace or bracelets to form the ring. Use a larger size light stick (12 inch) to toss the rings onto. You can have multiple sticks at different lengths or degrees of difficulty. Enlist volunteers to move the sticks back and forth on a skateboard or some other moving object.

Glow-in-the-dark Balloons
Put light sticks inside a balloon and use as decorations, party favors or in games/ activities. The Egglo glow in the Dark Event Curriculum has a suggestion for group game using balloons. For younger children, put the balloons in a plastic pool and let children explore and play (under supervision and mindful of choking hazards if balloons pop).