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Valentine’s Day Suncatcher

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to do some activities with the kids for them to understand about God’s love. I started with Jackson. Jesus is the light of the world, so I thought a sun catcher with hearts and a bible verse would be perfect.

Suncatcher -finished project copy

Materials Needed:

  • Suncatcher Template
  • Black Sharpie
  • Hole punch
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Red and pink construction paper
  • Contact paper
  • Red yarn

Craft Instructions:

First, use the template to create a heart on red construction paper. After tracing the heart, put 2 pieces of red construction paper together and cut out the heart. Once the heart is cut out, fold the papers in half and cut out the center of the heart so that you have to heart outlines.

Suncatcher - 2 solid hearts Suncatcher -folded heart Suncatcher - two hearts cutout

Then take the template and make a heart on the contact paper. Fold the contact paper in half and staple all around the heart so that when you cut it out, the hearts will be even. Make sure to cut a little inside your line so that the contact paper will fit inside of the red hearts.

Suncatcher - wht heart blk outline Suncatcher - outlined heart

Next, take the red and pink construction paper and cut out little hearts. I suggest folding your paper in at least 1/4ths so you can cut more than one at a time.

Suncatcher-folded paper Suncatcher- cut out hearts

Place the contact paper onto one red heart outline and flip over so sticky side is up. Start placing hearts on contact paper wherever looks good. Take the other contact paper heart and place it onto the other red heart outline. Then take your glue and and put it on the red outline. Place the sticky sides together. Then write verse. Punch hole in top and insert yarn tying it in a knot. Hang in window and enjoy!

Suncatcher -boy working Suncatcher 2 hearts 1 with mini hearts Suncatcher - heart with mini hearts Suncatcher -finished project copy Suncatcher -finished project hanging

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  1. This is a very cute Valentine craft with clear easy to understand instructions. I will have fun making these Valentine Sun-catchers! Thanks!

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