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Instructions for Eggs

Wait…they REALLY glow in the dark?!  YEP!  All you need is a some sunshine (or other light source), a little time, and ta-da!  You’ve got glowing eggs!  Check out the video below to see how to “charge” your eggs to make sure they’re ready to glow for hours.

And they are indestructible…almost. If your kiddos are healthy active kids you’ll appreciate the durability of these eggs to be used for years to come. Maybe just don’t let them use a hammer…

Egglo Eggs need to be fully charged by light. Exposure time varies depending on the type of light.  Please refer to the chart listed below for approximate charge times.  For best results make sure that the eggs are directly exposed to the light source.

Sunlight: 20 minutes direct exposure
Black light: 30 minutes direct exposure
Fluorescent: 40 minutes direct exposure
Incandescent light: 60 minutes direct exposure

Egglo eggs glow best for 45-60 minutes and diminish over the next 1-2 hours. Cold temperatures will shorten the glow time of the eggs.  Use over and over again for years of enjoyment. Egglo eggs make wonderful tools to continue the conversation about Jesus.

How glow in the dark materials work.

Glow in the dark products require light to charge them unless they are a chemical reaction like a glow stick.  Glow in the dark products that are charged using a light source do not carry the same risk of toxic exposure as glow toys that use a chemical reaction.  Glow in the dark toys can be used over and over again, unlike light sticks that can only be used once and then thrown away. Egglo Eggs were designed as keepsakes to remind children of their memorable experience.

The phosphorescent particles absorb light/heat and energize or move faster creating the glow. The best light source is sunlight which is both warm and strong.  Other light sources work but it will take longer to charge the particles.  Please refer to the chart above regarding recommended time of exposure to different light sources.  Egglo Eggs were developed to have the longest and brightest glow effect that is possible.  They glow their brightest in total darkness.  If the Eggs are fully charged they will glow for at least 45 minutes but usually longer.  Keep in mind that they will lose their charge more quickly in cold temperature.