Meet Anastasia

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Hi! I’m Anastasia!

Hi, my name is Anastasia and I’m one of the kids who get to go on the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure in the storybook by Darcie Cobos.  Some people call me Ana and I don’t mind.  I just don’t like to be called Annie.  My favorite color is bright pink (NOT baby pink) and I like pizza, but only with pepperoni.  I like horses and I love our dog, Zeke.  He’s so cute!  He does funny things all the time.  This is me:


Have you read The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure yet?  Oh man!  That adventure made me different.  Parts of it were scary, but when I prayed God helped me feel brave.  He can do that for all of us.  Sometimes when I’m mad or angry I pray, too, and God helps me feel better.  I don’t always understand how He does it but my parents explain stuff to me about God and so do people at church.

Have you gone on your glow in the dark Easter egg hunt yet?  I hope you get to!  It’s so fun!  My favorite parts are the really cute little scrolls in the eggs.  I learned lots of verses from the Bible.  And the candy!  I like jelly beans but not the black ones – bleck!  Sometimes when I’m just like at school or with my friends or we’re driving somewhere I remember something a verse said and it makes me feel good.  Mom let’s me keep my favorite stuff in my glowing eggs!  I have a bracelet that my best friend made for me, but it broke so I keep it in there.  And one of the little scrolls with the verse I liked the best on it.  I like to put the eggs in my window all day and then at night I put them on my pillow and they glow so bright!!  It’s like a night light.  I don’t need a night light any more, but I like seeing how them glow because it reminds me that Jesus glows for us and that we can glow to help other people.  Dark is scary sometimes but light always takes it away.  That’s like how Jesus is for us.

I love to tell people about my adventure so if you want to ask me anything you should.  I totally like to answer.  You can even ask me in the comments below.  Just tell you mom or dad what you want to say and I’ll answer you.  It’ll be like writing notes!

I really hope that you get to read the story because I think you’ll like all the cool things I get to see and you’ll be really surprised at the end when you find out what the treasure is.  I definitely wasn’t expecting it.  If you want to see a little bit of the story you can see it here.

Ok, well, I have to go now.  It’s almost dinner time and mom is going to make me set the table.  I hope you like the blog!  Talk to you soon!


– Anastasia

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