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Christian Thanksgiving Activity Ideas

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, we are all asked to spend more time thinking about what we are truly thankful for in our lives. Many of us live in a society that values the power of the individual above all else, but we must always remember that we cannot be our best without the support of others.

There are so many blessings in life that it is impossible to count them or name them all, but the most important is God’s loving presence, followed closely by the gift of our families. This is the time of year to build memorable moments surrounding creative activities that show our gratitude. And for those of us with kids, a way to tie in the crafts they love so much with the deeper meaning of Thanksgiving.

The simple “Cornucopia of Thanks” craft is a great way to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving with children, and help them reflect on what God has given them. If you’re a teacher, it could also be a great opportunity to brighten up the classroom or give your students something to take home to their families over the long Thanksgiving weekend this year, while keeping God first in their lives.
Check out How to Make Cornucopia of Thanks for JESUS by Egglo Eggs on Snapguide.

This craft allows kids to thank Jesus for all He has done for them, and at the same time offers them a creative outlet to express themselves.

Other Ideas For Thanksgiving With Egglo Eggs

  • Expecting a lot of guests with children? Keep the kids preoccupied while dinner is being prepared with the easy “Thankful for Jesus” craft idea. During the meal they can talk about their own unique craft and why they are thankful for God’s love.
  • Leave a loving message on a piece of paper, put it inside an Egglo egg, and leave it somewhere (or hide it) for your loved one to find. Thank them for the blessings they have added to your life.
  • Egg hunts are always fun, even when it isn’t Easter. Have your kids write down the things they are thankful for on small pieces of paper. Put those pieces of paper into Egglo Eggs along with any other treasures of your choice. Then have kids search for the eggs. Once all the eggs are collected, they can read the messages out loud so that everyone can share what they are most thankful about.
  • Decorate your Thanksgiving displays with a splash of color courtesy of Egglo Eggs. You might want to choose only the yellow, orange, and pink eggs to match the colors of the season. These could go in cornucopias or even be a part of the decorations for the dining room table on Thanksgiving Day itself!

However you celebrate the day, Egglo Eggs wishes you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!

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