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Christmas Star Hunt With Egglo Eggs

Who said Egglo Eggs are only useful around Easter? Today’s post combines a fun Christmas activity and craft that will remind your children what they are waiting to celebrate on Christmas day!

The star of Bethlehem guided strangers to the celebration of baby Jesus, and is a great symbol to allow your children to recreate in honor of the real meaning of Christmas.

– Craft Popsicles
– Beads, Glitter, and Other Small Decorations
– Markers
– Hot Glue
– School Glue
– Hole Punch
– String/Yarn

A fun activity to go with creating their own star of Bethlehem is having a star hunt for the materials. This can be done in the house or outside, whichever one the weather permits. Gather beads and small items that the children can use to decorate their stars, and place them in Egglo Eggs. Hide the eggs and let your children find them.

Once the children have gathered their eggs help them paste the craft popsicles with hot glue in the shape of stars shown above. (Photo via Pinterest)

Once the glue dries let the children decorate their stars, while you share the Christmas story with them. Once they are finished decorating and the glue is dried, place their stars over the nativity scene so they can always know to follow the light of truth towards God.

Every year you can keep the old stars on the Christmas Tree as ornaments and place new stars over your family’s nativity scene to celebrate the journey of Christmas.

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