Giving Meaning to Lent

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Giving Meaning to Lent

It isn’t a coincidence that February is known for being a month where love is a heavy cultural focus. After starting off the year reflecting on our intentions, it only makes sense to explore the most powerful motivation behind them.

Love is one of the greatest motivations to power an action. The love for our family, selves, and heavenly father separate the holy intentions of drawing closer to one another and the secular idea of a typical resolution. Understanding this motivation gives a refreshing energy that everyone can find a reason to celebrate.

Lent is quickly approaching and is a wonderful season to focus on the powerful love behind God’s greatest gift to us- the sacrifice of His only son – by making a sacrifice of our own.

We’re excited to share tips, crafts, and activities to help your children understand the greatness of God’s love and the importance of our sacrifices out of love for him.

A quick tip is placing a bible verse about Christ’s love in an Egglo Egg and leave it in your child’s lunch box or backpack. Switch out the verse every few days so they have fresh encouragement to stay faithful to their loving intentions and sacrifice throughout the season.

Check back for more ways Egglo Eggs can give deeper meaning to this year’s season of love for the glory of Christ.

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