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Meet the Characters From the Egglo Adventure Story

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is our wonderful children’s story in which three children realize the true meaning of Easter through the light of Jesus and His guidance. Hardy and Anastasia are a brother-sister pair who are joined by their younger cousin, Pascal. Each is a unique character and has much to learn from the scriptures. Their dog, Zeke, also follows along in the adventures.


Anastasia, Hardy, and Pascal are eager for their traditional Easter hunt with a new twist: Mom had mentioned they will be using glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs!  But first, a discovery in the attic launches them on an adventure of a lifetime.

Among the old toys and games, they discover a treasure chest which harbors a glowing egg. The glowing egg reveals to them salient scriptures. The egg also provides them other clues that the children must figure out in order to transport them from place to place. A valuable lesson is presented to each child through these adventures, and their connection with the Lord is made even stronger.



Hardy is the oldest child, who believes his age confers wisdom and privilege. His name, in fact, means “adventurous.” After a dead-end encounter led by Hardy’s arrogance, Ana gently reminds him of the first scripture the glowing egg presented the children,

“Do nothing out of selfishness, but in humility; value others above yourself.” Philippians 2:3.

Hardy recognizes his selfish error and opens up to Ana’s suggestion. He begins to understand that his pride and ego will only block his progress, but humbling himself unfolds new opportunities. With this realization, a lighted path reveals itself and guides the children to another chest with the glowing egg.


Pascal is the youngest child, and perhaps the most foolhardy. His name means “child of Easter.” He is given to impulse, and does not take direction easily. This is most apparent in the children’s adventure near the volcano, when Pascal races ahead on a rickety bridge, paying no heed to Hardy’s warnings. Because of Pascal’s recklessness, Hardy ends up falling through the planks and hangs precariously from the bridge.

The glowing egg had just revealed this scripture from Proverbs 12:15,

“Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to advice.”

Hardy reinforces our need to listen and trust in God and His people, for sometimes He will use His guidance through others.

Pascal then realizes that it is his folly which caused this, and he decides to listen to Hardy as he coaches him how to lead everyone to safety.



It is here that Ana discovers her personal message,

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9.

She uses the verse to gather her courage during the adventures, with her trust and faith placed in God.

Her full name, Anastasia, has Biblical origins and from the Greek Translation of the Old Testament, we see that “arise” comes from the word anastasas. The first use of anastas is when God promises Abraham the land of Canaan, “Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee.” Genesis 13:17.

In the story, Ana finds strength in God and rises with courage. Ana tends to be timid and uncertain, and it is her trial to learn to trust in the Lord and have faith that He will provide guidance and protection always. Once she does this, she realizes the beauty and promise of the world before her.

*       *       *       *

Through each adventure, a strong light guides the children, and their faith is rewarded each time. Their love of God is confirmed near the close of their adventures as they find the scripture from John 3:16,

“God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only son. Anyone who believes in Him will not die but will have eternal life.”

The children are led to a beautiful garden featuring a shining cross with the inscription,

“In Him was life and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:4-5.

The children realize that the adventures which have been guided by the light, have in fact been guided by Jesus’ light.

The children are returned to their home, wiser and humbled in God. Back in the attic, they find a Bible and are presented with one last verse, Luke 24. They discuss the significance of this verse, and the true meaning of Easter: that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and rose from earth to be with Our Heavenly Father. By accepting Jesus and trusting in His faith, we know that He is the light for the world in the darkness of sin.

At the evening of the Easter egg hunt, the parents take notice of the changes within the children. They see Ana’s bravery in the darkness, Hardy’s selflessness, and Pascal’s humility before his cousins. While they are unaware of the cause, the children delight in their new wisdom and spiritual sense.

At times, it may be challenging to relate to children the words of the Bible, and the grandeur of the Lord’s message. Through these fun adventure stories and activities, Egglo Entertainment can help children understand the greatness of the Lord, and the guidance He offers us through His light.

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