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Showers of Blessings

We had a random day of rain, it was a miracle. I had been thinking about doing an “April showers” craft but couldn’t quite get in the mood with all the hot weather. Then, with the Lords grace, it rained! It was only for a day, but it was just enough to inspire me to get it done. In Ezekial 34:26, it says There will be showers of blessings, so we concentrated on that.

I asked Jackson where does the rain come from?

He said, “From God”

I asked him why he thought we needed rain, and he responded with, “To help things grow”.

I explained to him how just as the rain showers the land, God showers us with blessings, as well. I asked him, “How has God blessed us?”

He responded with, “Lots of ways, Mom, He gives us food to eat, a warm house to live in, a good job for Daddy, Oh, and Mom, He gave me you.”

Really? I couldn’t be happier with that response, right?  We went on to make a cloud with raindrops to show the Lords blessings. We made the raindrops to be sun catchers, since they look so cute in the window. After all, Jesus is the light.

Materials needed:

  • Clear contact paper
  • White yarn
  • Blue construction paper
  • Raindrop template (can draw one or find a free downloadable one)
  • White thin foam or cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Cotton balls
  • Blue tissue paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Start by using raindrop pattern and cutting out raindrops from construction paper and contact paper, we cut out 6 but only ended up using 4 since they were pretty big. The middle of the drops on construction paper need to be cut out, but the ones on contact paper can stay solid. You will need twice as many drops on contact paper as you will construction paper.


Peel off the backing from one of the contact paper drops and place over blue raindrop. I know the pic isn’t great with the glare, but that was the only way to show how we put it on the top. Next, turn over so that sticky side is up. Take cut up pieces of blue tissue paper and start placing on raindrop.After you feel that the drops are full, take another contact paper drop and cover the open side of the tissue paper, to seal it in.


Now, take the foam board or cardstock and draw and cut out a cloud shape. You can see where my drawing got a little messed up but it didn’t matter because I knew there would be cotton balls covering it. Put glue all over it. Start sticking the cotton balls everywhere until the cloud is full of cotton.


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