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Steps Towards Change Activity Ideas

The accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are great for discussions with your children. His revolutionary action based on biblical principles not only inspire them to treat others fairly, but also give them an example that change only comes by taking action towards those Godly intentions.

Dr. King was a preacher who spoke out about what he wanted for the future. He looked to the Lord for guidance in taking appropriate action to seeing that change through.

Now that your child understands what it means to have an intention, it’s important that they realize that those intentions only matter if we act on them.

Children of all races can learn that valuable lesson from inspiring leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He not only took action towards his goals – despite significant hurdles – but he was also not afraid to ask the right people to help those goals become a reality.

Jesus calls us to be good stewards in our intentions, and he will help us along the way.

Here are a few ideas to encourage children in tracking their progress in taking steps towards change, during 2015.

Progress Butterflies

For younger children, a butterfly of progress can be a fun craft that gives a bit of a literal representation to the “steps” in progress idea.

Take your child’s footprint with their favorite color of paint and turn them into a butterfly, similar to the below image from


Within the wings – or surrounding the butterfly if their feet are small – write some actions that can help them live out their intention and draw closer to Christ.

Steps of Progress

Older kids may have a more specific goal that they want to keep in mind for the entire year. They best way to keep them interested about that goal is to give them a way to track their progress.

Have your child trace their foot on a piece of paper or construction paper. Cut it out as many times as they would like. You’ll be using the feet throughout the year and can always replenish the supply later. Next have them decorate each foot with glow in the dark markers and paint.

Whenever they take action towards that intention have them write in on one of the decorated feet. Place the step of progress in a specific place on the wall of their room so they can track the progress all year long. If you’re child did our Glow in the Dark Intention Activity, they can place the feet near the intention they made to signify their progress.

Photo from

Photo from

However you choose to help them share their progress, we hope you enjoy encouraging your children to act on their beautiful intentions to make their world better.

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