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“The Message” in the Bottle Valentine’s Day Craft

Jackson is learning so many things right now, one of them being how to tie his shoes. He loves to read and gets so excited when he can show me how well he is progressing in both avenues. He likes it when I put notes in his lunch or backpack, he says it makes him feel like he’s getting a secret message. I thought it’s Valentine’s, we need to do a project, why not incorporate all of his new skills? “THE Message” in a bottle craft was born.

Materials Needed:

Heart jar with cork (got mine at the 99 cent store)

Sticky back name badges

Yarn or string




1. Write messages on name badges. There are so many words about love in the bible, you can choose whatever works for you. I chose these because I thought he’s be able to understand them and we could discuss the meaning and how to apply it in our lives today.

Message in bottle- cards

2. Here’s that part where he got to practice his tying technique. I rolled up the badges and held them while he tied on the yarn. I cut the length pretty long so that he’d have enough to practice with. After several attempt, he got it!! I just kept rolling and he kept tying. (I may have had to go back in when he wasn’t looking and fix the knots, but at least he’s making progress!

Message in bottle - boy making craft Message in bottle - boy and scroll

Message in bottle -scrolls


3. When all of the messages were tied up, we stuck them into the bottle.

Message in bottle- finished craft

The next part will take place over the next couple of weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each night before bed, when we normally read from the bible, he can take out one of the messages, open it up, read it aloud, and we will talk about it.

I have a certain part on Jackson’s wall in his room where I allow him to put up stickers. After he reads the message, he can peel off the back and stick it on his wall.

I wanted to do something with him that would be helpful in his learning new things. He told me that he loves it when I take the time to do stuff with him because it makes him feel loved and that love feels good. I told him that Jesus wanted us to love each other, just as He loved us. I read him John 13:34-35 and we talked about how we show love for different people in our lives. I asked him, “How do you show your love to…..?”, and he answered:

-Mommy and Daddy: “I tell you, I say nice things about you. And I think about what you would like for presents.”

-Jesus: “By staying on the good side. Doing the right thing. But what about God? I can show him love by being nice to everyone.”

-Dani Rea (sister): “Give her love, hugs and kisses, and sharing my toys with her.

-Ms. Greeley (teacher): “Listening to instructions.”

-Jinny (our dog): “By cuddling with her and giving her food.”

-Coach: “By following their rules.”

-Our Neighbors: “Say ‘hi’, and pick up a piece of trash on their grass.”

Then I asked him if he could think of a way that he could demonstrate love for people he doesn’t even know. He replied, “I can pray for them. I think Jesus would really like that!”

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