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As any good parent or teacher does I know you’ll do your homework about this product…here’s an easy way to see what other people are saying about Egglo Eggs and the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure! In the 2013 Easter season Egglo Eggs was featured as the #1 way to boost your kid’s Easter Egg Hunt by Children’s Ministry!

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Joseph A. Garcia, The Ventura Star—Darcie Cobos, Simi Valley, has just released her first book, “The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure,” which she hopes to teach children that Easter is more than just candy. Along with book Cobos developed glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs, a DVD with narration of the book and a classroom curriculum. Cobos’s goal is to use all profits from her business to fund international mission efforts benefiting children. Read more:

Sherry Krogh, Children and Family Ministries Director at Stone Bridge Community Church—This past March our church held its most successful Easter egg hunt event ever! Thanks to Egglo products hundreds showed up for our glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt. We also offered dinner from food trucks, fun activities, a book signing, and storybook reading of the “The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure.”  We offered an Easter egg hunt that focused on Jesus instead of the “Easter bunny.” Kids had a blast hearing the Easter story and searching for glowing eggs filled with Bible verse scrolls and more.  Most importantly we were able to reinforce with kids the true meaning of Easter.  Parents loved that they could bring a new tradition into their homes using good quality products that teach their children that Jesus is the light in a world of darkness. Looking forward to using Egglo products again next year!

Dr. Scott Turansky, National Center for Biblical Parenting—I surprised my grandchildren with an evening of adventure using the Egglo Easter Eggs. We read the books in the afternoon, prepared the eggs together, and put them under a light. The preparation was part of the anticipation and excitement as we rotated the eggs under the light and then turned off the lights and saw them glowing. In the evening after it was dark I went into the park nearby and I placed the eggs in several places around the park in preparation for the kids to join me; some just out in the grass and others around the play equipment. The kids came out for the hunt and had an enjoyable time looking for the eggs. We enjoyed the hunt so much we did it again before we all sat down and opened the eggs looking at the treasures inside, discussing them and eating the candy. It was a delightful experience for our family.

Kathie Hockenbery, 2nd grade Teacher, Grace Brethren Elementary School—It is such an exciting story – a cross between The Raiders of the Lost Ark and a scavenger hunt. It is fast paced and holds the children’s attention throughout the whole story.  Students love identifying with the different characters and their personalities. The brightly colored illustrations enhance the story and make for a fun adventure. Kids love to hear it over and over, and the older students want to read it by themselves. The additional supplies for inside the eggs create new and exciting learning avenues too.