Egglo Eggs at ACSI NEXUS Live 2013

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Egglo Eggs at ACSI

Associate of Christian Schools International…WOW.  These are the guys accrediting, strengthening, and equipping christian schools all over the world.

This organization is on top of things.  Starting Monday, November 25th Egglo Eggs will be part of an amazing conference that is not your average conference.  Click here for the schedule of events.  Make sure you’ll looking at the Southern California schedule!

It’s a nation-wide virtual conference!  Churches and schools all over the country are host sites for people to come and participate in the seminars via video.  Amazing.  A few major cities are hosting physical locations for people to attend the conference and also connect in person with vendors such as myself.

I’m looking forward to sharing with more people about the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure and Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt!  Keep me in your prayers as I head into this new season for Egglo Eggs.

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