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“He Has Risen” Sun Catcher

With Easter coming up, I want the children to understand the real meaning of Easter and not just Easter Bunnies and eggs full of candy. They both know that Easter is the time when Jesus rises from the dead so I wanted to do something crafty to go with that. Dani Rea has been asking me to make a sun catcher ever since Jackson got to make the one for Valentine’s Day so I thought about what I could do. Dani Rea and Emelie both know that the sun rises in the morning so I thought if I had them make a sun catcher to go along with the message that He has risen, that would be good.


Materials Needed

  • Clear contact paper
  • Blue construction paper
  • Yellow and orange tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

First, I cut the contact paper to double the size of the construction paper and then cut that in half. That way, we could attach it in 2 pieces, one for the back for them to put here sun pieces on, and then one for the front for the finished product. Then, I cut the blue paper out so there would be an opening on the bottom where they could attach their “sun”.

IMG_0161 IMG_0162

I peeled the contact paper backing off and handed them the tissue paper. They started ripping it into tiny pieces and putting them on the sticky side of the contact paper.


Then I handed them the blue construction paper and had them put it over the contact paper with the tissue paper side facing up.


After the front was on, I drew the crosses, (an older kid could draw and write it themselves) and wrote the message. Then I had them put on the cover piece of contact paper. We hung it up on the window and walah!IMG_0171

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