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How to Have a Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Hosting a Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt is Easy with Egglo Eggs!

The idea is simple, the glowing eggs represent Jesus – God’s light of the world (G.L.O.W.). A glow in the dark egg hunt helps children see the light of Jesus, and how light overcomes darkness (based on John 1:4-5). It’s a powerful lesson that will stick with your kids, especially if you’ve read to them our Egg-cellent Adventure Storybook prior to the activity.


Set up the Hunt

  1. Plan to hold it at night or in a dark room. Kids get really excited when you have them use flashlights to find the eggs.
  2. Make sure the area is clear of obstacles, and check on the sunset time for your area.
  3. Charge Egglo Eggs with light (Sunlight 30 min, Fluorescent/ blacklight 45 min, incandescent 60+ min). Fully charged the glow will last about 20-40 minutes depending on how cold it is. The darker it is, the better they glow.
  4. Stuff the eggs with small treats, like our scripture scrolls and stickers. You can also add candy and other small treats if your group is larger. For extra large groups, you can mix in regular eggs too. Don’t worry, the kids will find them with the flashlights.

Start the Hunt

  1. Give instructions to the kids on how many eggs they are allowed to collect. Base the quantity on the number of eggs and the number of children. One suggestion, use an egg carton to control the quantity.
  2. Hold some Egglo Eggs in reserve to give to any children who didn’t get any. Have plenty of helpers to enforce the rules and safety.
  3. Impress on the children and parents the fairness of the set quantity.
  4. Before the Egg Hunt spend time explaining the “Light of Jesus” Message. It will help them understand the real meaning of Easter, which is why the activity is happening.

A glow in the dark egg hunt is a fun, new twist that really excites kids. With Egglo Eggs, they learn meaningful truth about the light of Jesus by focusing your children’s Easter activities on the message of Christ.

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