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Printable: Follow That Star Nativity Treasure Hunt

The Christmas Story offers multiple lessons that can inspire our children’s daily walk with Christ. For example, the diligence of the magi and shepherds who followed the star of Bethlehem is a wonderful opportunity to give greater meaning to this holiday season.

This fun Follow That Star Scavenger Hunt will encourage children to take their own journey like those in the Christmas Story! Children will learn to seek the real meaning of Christmas, as well as God’s truth and promises all year long.

Click to Download Activity and Star Clues.

Items Needed



1. Download the Star Clues and carefully print and cut each star.

2. Attach a glow stick to each start clue.


3. Hide each star clue around the house in relation to each clue. Here are a few ideas for the clues we’ve provided.

  • Place Star #1 on the Christmas Tree
  • Place Star #2 near an angel symbol
  • Place Star #3 on a door lock or near keys
  • Place Star #4 in a laundry basket or room
  • Place Star #5 underneath a bed
  • Place Star #6 in a cupboard
  • Place Star #7 on a window or behind a curtain

You can also make your own clues by downloading our blank star template so you can write in your own.


This scavenger hunt can be tailored to suit any age. Older kids can figure out the clues on their own, but younger children may need the stars to be placed in more obvious areas. You can also hide Egglo Eggs along the way with candy matching the star theme (Starburst are perfect) to encourage them, but don’t let them enjoy it until the very end.

4. Once your child has found all of the stars, shape the attached glow sticks into the star of Bethlehem. While they enjoy their star treats, take this time to talk to them about their journey. Did they give up? What made them keep going? Relate their answer to how Jesus’ visitors must have felt as they followed the star of Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of our savior.

Follow that Star -Light Stick Star






  1. Thank you! Excited to use this on Christmas Eve with my grandkids.

  2. Awesome. I am going to try this for the kiddos on Christmas Day. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is awesome! I am using this for one of our games for our Wednesday night program. I think the kids will love this idea.

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