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Read Across America and Beyond with the Egg-cellent Adventure!

Every year on March 2nd, people across America celebrate their love of reading and build awareness about it’s importance in our culture. Reading time is something we cherish with our children, and today it feels a little extra special.

A special evening of reading calls for a very special story to share. We hope the Egglo Eggs Egg-cellent Adventure Storybook is at the top of your reading list to enjoy with your child in honor of the Read Across America Initiative. You can also let your children live their own Egg-cellent Adventure when story time is over, with our glow in the dark Egglo Eggs. Not only will the Egglo experience help reinforce the true meaning of Easter, it’s also an adventurous opportunity to help your child reap the benefits of being read to out loud.

Studies show that children who read along with their parents receive additional benefits to their reading experience, such as….

  • Better Reading Comprehension
  • Stronger Vocabulary
  • Improved Reading Accuracy
  • A Stronger Passion for Learning

Reading with children also leads to a stronger sense of curiosity, that increases their desire to understand the world around them – as well as the God who created it.

Making room for story time isn’t always easy with school schedules, late days at the office, and many other everyday hurdles. Let’s make a commitment to let today be different. Try making a special effort today to celebrate the precious gift of storytelling and how it affects the lives of our children and bonds as a family.

How do you make time to read to your children? Discuss your tips in the comments below.

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