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Star Message Children’s Christmas Craft.

Stars play a powerful role in the biblical story of Christmas. The star the three kings followed to find Jesus might be one of the most important secondary lessons that can impact our children year round.

The Wisemen and shepherds were obedient in the command to celebrate the child that is the salvation of the world. They relied on God’s promise to get them through the difficult journey and were rewarded. This is a valuable lesson in not only teaching children about the real meaning of Christmas, but can also serve as a reminder that we are always on a journey to seek the light of God’s truth.

As the star of Bethlehem served as God’s message, let your children start collecting their own star messages. Here’s a unique craft they can create during Christmas, but use it all year long!

You will need the following items:

– Glow in the Dark Paint
– Mason Jars
– Paint Brush
-(Optional) Downloadable Cross Template
– Tape

This craft is easy and simple to create. First cut out one cross after printing them if you would like the stars to center around a cross. Tape a piece of tap to the front of the cross, and place it on the inside of the jar.

Simply dab your brush in the glow in the dark paint and flick the brush’s bristles within the mason jar. Do this until the entire jar is covered in paint specs.

Once the paint dries carefully remove the cross cut out from the jar. Next, cut a small slit in the lid of the mason jar and seal it. The slit should be at least an inch in length. Your jar will look similar to the image above. (Photo via

Now, have your children write on sheets of paper throughout the month when they were glad they followed God’s message. Like praying for help, following one of His commandments, or simply remembering to thank Him. They can even drop in their favorite bible verses as well. Encourage them to fill the jar and read it together on Christmas Eve.

This craft is also a great one for Christmas, because it doesn’t use traditional holiday themeing that is part of the commercialized view of Christmas. This can help Children understand that the truths we celebrate during Christmas time are relevant to our daily walk with Christ.

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