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Storage Bins- Essential for Every Season



Every major holiday always creeps up before we feel ready. First Easter, then Halloween, then Christmas…(Thanksgiving, The Fourth of July, and Valentines Day as well.)

As mothers with children, (especially little ones), it’s essential that we have decorations to cheer our home and warm hearts…bringing the spirit of the holiday into our homes is vital. We do it for the well-being and delight of our families.

I have found that for each holiday, I store that specific holiday’s decor in a color coded plastic bin with a lid (Lids prevent dust from accumulating over the year).

I have found that when the Holidays keep coming back inevitably, it feel fantastic to simply go out to the garage and pick up this color coded bin, (red and green bin for Christmas, orange bin for halloween, and baby pink for easter- see images above).

These bins should be big enough to store all your decor, (excepting my fake, 7-foot, pre-lit Christmas tree- (which btw is a major time, cost and mess saver, but that’s for another article).

So when major holidays come, I pull out the proper box and get to decorating. And the best part? I don’t have to spend a PENNY more on new decor…(except maybe replacing some stale candy canes or shattered ornaments, courtesy of my four-year-old.

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