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Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for Kids (And there’s a lesson)


Scavenger hunts are fun for kids. They will love this one. It’s simple and the objectives are not too difficult to find, yet just challenging enough to engage them.

Kids are asked to find the following:
(The items can be real or representational – Think real turkey v.s. cardboard cut-out turkey).
-A Turkey
-A Beautiful Rock
-3 Leaves
-Something Fuzzy
-Something smooth
-A pumpkin
-Something green
-A stick
-Something you think is beautiful


All of these things can represent something Christ- centered:

* A turkey can represent gratitude in all things

* A beautiful rock can represent the solid foundation of Christ that we must build our lives.

*Three leaves can represent the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.

*Something Fuzzy represents the warmth and love we get from Jesus.*Something smooth can represent the refining process Jesus uses to refine our rough characters.

*A pumpkin can represent the harvest and how we can “harvest” new believers in Christ though being a good example.
*Something green can represent new life and the renewal of the spirit that is possible in Jesus.
*A stick can commemorate the cross upon which Jesus was crucified.
*Something beautiful can represent true beauty that is found within us though Jesus.

The hunt should take no more than an hour and afterwards you can gather in your kids for a lesson and a snack.


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