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The Importance of Giving Meaning to Christmas

Christmas time is such a beautiful season. As Christian parents, it’s important for us to keep our children focused on its real meaning.

Unfortunately, the most popular messages of remembrance have become just as commercialized to them as presents under the tree. That’s why it’s so important to purposefully get involved in their understanding of what Christmas is really about. Make a point to spend time this year as a family and create memories centered around the celebration of our savior.

Family crafts and activities are great ways to connect the real meaning of Christmas through methods that genuinely engage children’s interest. The simple nostalgia of seeing their old homemade crafts each Christmas season are powerful moments that grow their excitement for celebrating the birth of Christ, and increase the likelihood of them passing the same intentions to their children.

Here are three simple ideas using Egglo Eggs to help your family make meaningful memories in celebrating Christmas.

Egglo Christmas Hunt

On small sheets of paper, write down the verses from Luke 2 1:20 that tell the story of the birth of Jesus. You only need to write a few verses each night.


Places the verses in Egglo Eggs and hide them around the house right before bedtime. Let your children find the eggs and put the verses in order. Children will look forward to this Christmas tradition each year – especially if you hide a little treat with the verses in the eggs – and learn about the biblical importance for the Christmas season.

Egglo Light of the World Wreath

Egglo Eggs are beautiful and meaningful additions to any Christmas wreath. They highlight the message that the light of Christ is the center of your family’s Christmas Spirit.


Check out How to GLOW Wreath – God’s Light of the World by Egglo Eggs on Snapguide.

The Perfect Light Activity

Place an Egglo Egg in the manager of your home’s nativity set, in place of baby Jesus. Take the three wise men of your nativity and move them to opposite ends of the house. Each day leading up to Christmas Eve, allow your child to move them closer to the set.


Explain to them that this activity is in remembrance of the Wisemen’s journey to celebrate the birth of Christ, just like we are waiting to celebrate His birth on Christmas. This lesson is also a great time to remind your children ways they can diligently seek Jesus – just like the Wisemen – all year long.

Keep checking back for more Christian craft ideas and children’s activities that help give meaning to the Christmas season. From our family to yours, we wish you a merry Christmas filled with meaning, love, and celebration!

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