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Light of Jesus Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt uses the first letter of each clue to spell LIGHT OF JESUS. Help kids connect the idea that Jesus is the light of the world in a fun way with this Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs treasure hunt. Use at home in the dark with the lights off (carefully). Give the kids flashlights for reading clues, or let them use the glow eggs for light. Print out the clues into strips and curl them around a pencil, like a scroll. Put the strips inside Egglo Eggs (charge with light as instructed) and hide the eggs in order. Let kids go from one egg to another following the clues. Give them a basket and make sure they keep each clue (otherwise they will drop it and run off to the next egg). Read more

History of Easter Traditions

The coming of Easter brings a renewal of faith and appreciation for the earthly sacrifice of our Lord Jesus. It signifies a time in which we return to the keystones of our religion and restore the strength in our spiritual pillars. For the children, however, it often heralds a different coming: coloring eggs, egg hunts, Read more
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Easter Egg Cross Craft

I wanted to do a craft to remind the girls that although Easter is fun with bunnies, chicks and baskets, the real reason for it is Christ. I asked the girls what they thought off when they thought of Easter and Emelie said, “Eggs” while Dani Rea said “Jesus”. How perfect to marry their thoughts Read more